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When Feeling Blue Safety Poster

Clearly, the state of a person's mental health can impact on the way they do their job, which can directly or indirectly affect health and safety outcomes for themselves and others. Therefore, with the alarming rise of mental health issues in workplaces, it has become important for workplaces to address the problem. 

Because workplaces cannot be expected to be able to offer expert support in this area, this workplace safety poster makes eleven suggestions workers who are quietly suffering from being "blue" can try to help themselves.

Though the content is gleaned from numerous Mental Health, and Health and Safety bodies around the world, some people will not agree with all of the suggestions. That's why they are suggestions to try, and not "cures". Nevertheless, workplaces that are interested in the mental health and wellbeing of their workers should find this poster makes a positive step in the right direction. 

The icons on this poster are available on the Free Poster Graphics page for workplaces to use to support their efforts in reducing risks associated with Mental Health, which might also include providing support from professional counsellors, or resources and contacts to workers who want asistance.

When Feeling Blue Safety Poster

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