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Never Assume It's Safe

Always Test and Monitor to Ensure it is, and Report any Concerns to the relevant workplace safety person.

Many workers are seriously injured or killed every year simply because they assumed something was safe when it was not. This includes PPE, Unfamiliar Workplaces, Tools, Machinery, Equipment, Procedures, Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), Confined Spaces, and Recently Introduced Controls.

This Workplace Health & Safety Poster emphasizes to workers the importance or testing and monitoring, and reminds them to do so.

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Your Choices Have Consequences

Among the main reasons workers make choices that may ultimately cause them harm is that they do not consider the full consequences of their actions to themselves or their families.

This series of Safety Posters is designed to be tools for workplaces to engage with workers about WHY the Safety Signs, Rules and Procedures are in place - the very real, long term difficulties they will have to endure when ignoring them leads to a serious injury. 

Note that there is a MAKE THE SAFER CHOICE graphic available on our Free Poster Graphics page which can be used to support these posters or your own safety program.

GHS Chronic Health Hazard Pictogram

This Pictogram refers to Chemicals that can cause Cancer, Genetic Defects, Infertility, Birth Defects, Organ Damage, Breathing Difficulties, or if swallowed or inhaled Death.

GHS Severe Toxicity (Skull and Crossbones) Pictogram

This Pictogram refers to Chemicals that can cause Severe Toxicity, or Death from a Single Exposure by Swallowing, Inhaling, or Skin Contact.


The aim of these Safety Posters is to help employers educate and remind workers to NEVER take lightly products identified with either of these Pictograms, but to ALWAYS read the relevant Safety Data Sheet and follow all Safety Instructions.
Their health and life may depend on it.

Note that all GHS Pictograms are available on our Free Poster Graphics page.

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