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Poisonous Fumes/Gases, Electrocution, Melanomas from UV Light, Explosions, and Falls From Height.


When welders are seriously injured or killed it is often because they failed to identify or take action to protect themselves from these 5 main hazards. 

This safety poster is for use in workplaces and trade colleges to help keep this dangers top of mind of everyone doing any type of welding, whether a novice or experienced tradesperson.


The graphics on this poster are available for in-house use to support the poster, and can be downloaded for free from our Free Safety Poster Graphics Page.  

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Safe Yesterday Today Tomorrow #2.jpg

Just because it was SAFE YESTERDAY doesn't mean it is SAFE TODAY

Just because it is SAFE TODAY doesn't mean it will be SAFE TOMORROW.


One common factor in workplace incidents and injuries is that workers failed to notice, or act on, changes in present hazards and changes in the reliability of controls.

These safety posters help workplaces remind workers to identify and act on changes in hazards and controls. Among many other things, this includes checking PPE is in good condition and functioning properly, doing Job/Task Safety/Hazard Analyses, staying up-to-date with relevant methods of work, and reporting concerns to supervisors/managers.

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Keep It To Yourself Blue.jpg
Keep It To Yourself Purple.jpg

If it's Not Work Related Please Keep it to Yourself

(Reducing Personal Conflicts in the Workplace)


Most workers in most workplaces want to get along with other workers and get on with their job. But occasionally, when workers are passionate about an issue not related to work, which also could be something other workers are passionately opposed to, if they do not express it with consideration for others' views, it could result in aggression or abuse from either or both sides. 

So for the physical and emotional wellbeing of EVERYONE in the workplace, this safety poster helps workplaces remind workers to avoid conflict around a controversial issue by keeping it to themselves.

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What Should You Do Fight.jpg
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Abuse Not Tolerated #1.jpg
Abuse Not Tolerated #2.jpg

Physical or Verbal ABUSE by Anyone, Against Anyone, for Any Reason 



This poster design is aimed at informing everyone in the workplace, including visitors and clients, that physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated no matter who is doing it, no matter who it is against, and no matter what motivated it.

The hope is that ALL workers will feel safer because the workplace has their back and is committed to their safety and wellbeing.

The two graphics on this poster are available for in-house use to support the poster, and can be downloaded for free from our Free Safety Poster Graphics Page. 

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