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Manual Handling Common Causes

Often workers think manual handling injuries happen when lifting heavy loads. This is not the only cause, which is why many workers end up being injured often requiring long periods for recovery.

This Workplace Health and Safety poster reminds and informs workers of the 5 most common causes of injuries associated with lifting and carrying loads, and provides 4 tips for lifting and carrying heavy loads to reduce the risk of injury.

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Angry & Nasty People are Workplace Hazards

Angry and nasty people in workplaces cause health problems through stress to others, and safety problems through distracting workers from other hazards.

These posters aim at reminding workers who use anger and nastiness to manipulate others, that it is not acceptable and they should get help. It also reminds workers who are subjected to the tactics of angry and nasty people that they should not tolerate it -  no matter who is doing it - and to report it so that person can get help, and the workplace made safer.

The WARNING Sign graphic is available for free download from our Free Safety Poster Graphics Page.

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Ross River Virus

Ross River Virus is Australia's most common mosquito-borne infection. The only way to prevent it is to prevent mosquito bites.

This Safety Poster is an information poster aimed at helping workers understand the threat and the risk, so they are more likely to take appropriate action. Information on the poster includes Source, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention. 

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Emergency Department
"I knew better"

Many injured workers in hospital emergency departments are embarrassed to admit they knew better about taking risks with health and safety.

This safety poster aims at reminding workers who are getting complacent with safety rules and procedures that neglecting to follow them lands a lot of people in hospital.

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