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GHS Chronic Health Hazard Pictogram

This Pictogram refers to Chemicals that can cause Cancer, Genetic Defects, Infertility, Birth Defects, Organ Damage, Breathing Difficulties, or if swallowed or inhaled Death.

GHS Severe Toxicity (Skull and Crossbones) Pictogram

This Pictogram refers to Chemicals that can cause Severe Toxicity, or Death from a Single Exposure by Swallowing, Inhaling, or Skin Contact.


The aim of these Safety Posters is to help employers educate and remind workers to NEVER take lightly products identified with either of these Pictograms, but to ALWAYS read the relevant Safety Data Sheet and follow all Safety Instructions.
Their health and life may depend on it.

Note that all GHS Pictograms are available on our Free Poster Graphics page.

Other Posters Associated with this issue:

Silica Dust Danger

Every Breath You Take Containing Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Dust Increases Your Risk of Developing SILICOSIS

NO CURE for Silicosis

There is NO CURE for SILICOSIS caused by Silica Dust...
But it Can Be Prevented


Silica has been called the new Asbestos probably because it takes a long time for problems to become obvious which contributes to it not being taken seriously enough.

The Silica Dust Danger safety poster is designed to help employers fulfill their responsibility to train and inform workers about Silica Dust, its Danger, and actions that help prevent it.


The NO CURE for SILICOSIS safety poster is intended to confront workers over their complacency. It describes what it is like to have Silicosis and how they could die from it.  Hence the emphasis on TOO SERIOUS TO IGNORE!


For more details about these Silica Safety Posters open the previews in the Shop.   

Note that the "Protect Your Lungs" graphics on these posters are available on our Free Poster Graphics page.

Other Posters Associated with this issue:

Arc Flash Floor Decal / Sticker


Only available in A2 and 18"x24" sizes
(Printed or PDF

Designed to go on the floor in front of any place where Arc Flash is a risk.


Even with extensive engineering controls and stringent laws in place to protect workers from Arc Flash Explosions, it still happens. Though Arc Flash incidents can be the result of dust and rodents, it is estimated that 2 out of 3 are caused by worker actions or inactions. 


This Workplace Safety Poster Decal is aimed primarily at reminding workers who are qualified to work on equipment where arc flash can occur, to follow their training and not take short cuts or disregard correct procedures. 

Note that decals are printed on OHS approved slip resistant material. Floors where these can be placed need to be clean and smooth, or else the adhesive won't stick.

(There is an "Arc Flash Hazard" graphic available on our Free Poster Graphics page which can be used to support promotion of this important issue.)

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