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Driving Tired can be as Dangerous as Driving Drunk

Research shows that driving when tired can be as dangerous as driving when drunk.

This series of Safety Posters is designed to be tools for workplaces to engage and remind workers about the importance of taking a break to get refreshed if they find it difficult to concentrate on driving.  It's better to arrive late, than not to arrive at all.

Note that the No Sleeping at the Wheel graphic is available on our Free Poster Graphics page which can be used to support these posters or your own safety program.

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The Job is Not Done Until Everything is Cleaned & Tidied Away

Good Housekeeping is proven to reduce injuries from slips, trips, falls and sharps; and to improve productivity, work quality, self-esteem and job satisfaction.

The aim of this series of seven Safety Posters is to help workplaces encourage workers to practice Good Housekeeping.

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Never Assume It's Safe

Always Test and Monitor to Ensure it is, and Report any Concerns to the relevant workplace safety person.

Many workers are seriously injured or killed every year simply because they assumed something was safe when it was not. This includes PPE, Unfamiliar Workplaces, Tools, Machinery, Equipment, Procedures, Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO), Confined Spaces, and Recently Introduced Controls.

This Workplace Health & Safety Poster emphasizes to workers the importance or testing and monitoring, and reminds them to do so.

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