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Keep It To Yourself (Blue)

Though most workers in most workplaces want to get on with others and get on with their job, occasionally someone who is passionate about an issue in their lives wants to share it with others, usually hoping to find like minded people or to proselytize others to their view. Most often, this does not cause problems, but if the issue is controversial and their view opposed by others, if any of the parties do not have healthy communication or conflict resolution skills, it can turn nasty. This poster is designed to help workplaces avoid such situations. And though it may also be an HR issue, it is an issue workers need to be reminded of for everyone's physical and emotional wellbeing no matter what their personal beliefs and opinions about no matter what.


The circle diagram is aimed at pointing out that any person's knowledge, beliefs and opinions, is only a small part of all the knowledge, beliefs and opinions there are; and that they are primarily in the workplace to do a job, just as everyone else is.

Of course this does not mean a worker should not connect with others at work on a personal level and share about themselves and their beliefs, but if their belief is a cause of concern or offence to others, they need to be reminded it does not belong at work.


There is also a version of this poster with a purple background.

Keep It To Yourself (Blue)

GST Included
  • All posters ordered in Australian Sizes have Australian (UK) Spelling. 
    All posters ordered in US Sizes have US Spelling.

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