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Childcare Lift With Your Head

Lift With Your Head is one of a range of Safety Posters aimed specifically at helping workplaces involved in childcare minimise (minimize) risk to workers by reinforcing the basics in areas where most injuries and incidents occur.

(If this series does not cover an important issue in your childcare workplace, Promote Safety is happy to consider adding to the range. Just email us with your suggestion.)


The Safety Posters in this series also promote three approaches to Practicing Proactive Safety which help workers be more involved in workplace safety, and therefore more alert to the risks.


This Lift With Your Head safety poster provides basic tips for lifting safely to help remind workers to not take the act of lifting objects or children as an unimportant activity, but to realise that it includes a risk, especially if it is being done repeatedly over a shift. The Protect Your Back Only Lift Children When Completely Necessary graphic highlights the risk inherent to the industry of doing so.
Other posters in this series deal with other manual handling issues.


Note: Posters ordered in US paper sizes have US spelling, posters in Australian paper sizes have UK spelling.


The Practise (Practice) Proactive Safety graphic, and the Protect Your Back graphic are available on our Free Poster Graphics page which safety professionals can use to support this poster and keep the issue top of mind among workers.  


Childcare Lift With Your Head

GST Included
  • All posters ordered in Australian Sizes have Australian (UK) Spelling. 
    All posters ordered in US Sizes have US Spelling.

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