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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This workplace safety poster aims at engaging workers by approaching the issue of risk assesmenst and safety analyses from a fundamental rather than systematic angle.

The question "What could possibly go wrong?" is the first step of all workplace safety, but it also used by workers as a tongue in cheek response to situations that are known to have unacceptable risk.


Of course the ideal solution to identifying any hazard and risk is to eliminate it. But this is not always pratcicable or possible in some situations or workplaces. The worker is then prompted to identify ways of reducing risk and seriousness of consequences if things do go wrong. 


The safety poster ends with the encouragement that safety is possible but only happens when workers think ahead about the risks, plan ahead how to eliminate of minimise the risks, and then properly prepare to do the task.


The Safety Happens graphic is available on our Free Safety Poster Graphics page. Workplaces can incorporate it as part of a program around this poster, or use it by itself to help workers stay focussed on safety.


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

GST Included
  • All posters ordered in Australian Sizes have Australian (UK) Spelling. 
    All posters ordered in US Sizes have US Spelling.

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