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Electricity Hazard Death Lives Here

Because Electricity Hazards are generally well controlled, workers tend to overlook the high risks associated with it. This Workplace Safety Poster helps employers remind workers to NEVER IGNORE or UNDERESTIMATE any Electricity Hazard.


To this end the poster features the 4 Main Ways Workers are Seriously Injured or Killed by Electricity: Using damaged electrical equipment, plugs, leads or cables; Using portable electrical equipment in wet conditions; Overloading power circuits leading to fires; Contact with overhead powerlines.


"DEATH LIVES HERE" graphica are available for free to support this poster such as in emails or stickers or presentations. You can find them on the free-poster-graphics page.

Electricity Hazard Death Lives Here

GST Included
  • All posters ordered in Australian Sizes have Australian (UK) Spelling. 
    All posters ordered in US Sizes have US Spelling.

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