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Experience shows that the most effective way to improve the Health and Safety culture of your workplace is to keep reminding your workers (employees, contractors and volunteers) of the hazards and risks involved in their work, the consequences of failing to use the necessary controls at all times, and your commitment to their safety and wellbeing.


Yet doing so doesn't always have to be costly and time consuming, or counterproductive with experienced workers who don't want to be treated like "newbies".


One proven way to engage workers, without wasting their time and your money, or insulting their intelligence, is to use passive reminders that are easy and cheap to update and change so that workers don’t get “blind” to the messages. To this end, Promote Safety is dedicated to producing and maintaining the Largest and Cheapest Range of Quality Workplace Health and Safety Posters we can.


This includes the use of professionally produced creative resources specific for your workplace including posters, slogans, and humour. Browse through this website to find which resources (mostly free) will help you in fulfilling your Health & Safety Duty of Care to the people in your workplace.

Disclaimer: The information and advice in these resources are general in nature and only intended to support an already existing Workplace Health & Safety Management System. All content should therefore be assessed for suitability in your workplace according to the requirements determined by the Health & Safety Regulator in your jurisdiction.

Latest Safety Poster

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Larger sizes available upon request.

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